Welcome to MedHealth

This is a great year for MedHealth. First, we are celebrating the launch of MedHealth in Malawi. Second, we are proud to be a 100% Malawian wholly owned company. MedHealth Ltd acquired 100% shareholding in Metropolitan health Malawi and this has made MedHealth one of the biggest health care insurance companies in Malawi.

As much as MedHealth has been launched this year, we bring an experience of over seven years (from Metropolitan Health). Management and staff are the same from the Metropolitan Health era, therefore MedHealth brings experience within the sector and at the same time by virtue of being Malawian owned we have been able to tailor-make health products designed to cater for the specific needs of Malawians. This is based on our good understanding and experience of the local environment.

You will find all the details on the MedHealth Health Product on this website and how to get in touch with our friendly MedHealth Representatives who will help you to understand further the different options available.

Welcome to Your Premier Health Plan.